Soooo ... what do you think of Rei?

- Eeew, she's REALLY boring! 16 (10%)
- I think she's interesting ... 33 (21%)
- I feel sorry for her O_o 73 (48%)
- I think she's cooool! 10 (6%)
- She needs a haircut XD 14 (9%)
- I don't care. 5 (3%)
151 Total votes


1: Yeah, get a haircut then I won't have to do your stoopid hair!!!! Oooops. LOL ... Carry on ppl!
Eh hehe, that was me ^^;;

2: Wow Kate! Where's it going now? Awaiting further updates - excellent so far - I'll certainly be disappointed when this one comes to an end! *sobs* but hopefully that won't be for sometime! Lol $ave
You'll be disapointed Daveeeey? Aww! *sniff* But you're right, it won't be for a verrrryy long time -_-;;;

3: Hmm, I think she's interesting...but I also feel sorry for her...aaah! Hard choice! X( I hope it's okay if I do both! ^^;
Hahah! That's fine!! Thank youuuu! :D

4: I think your doing great, keep up the good work!
Thank you very much. It's great to receive comments like that it's very encouraging m(_ _)m

5: Nice work with your manga! Too bad there's not more pages than that..yet ^^;
Hee hee! There are more now! *everyone runs off screaming* ^^;;;

6: It seems almost as if Rei is the embodyness of sorrow at the moment. I hope things pick up, because I rather like her. Hate that one prick guy though... he's mean!
I know, I'm so mean to the poor girl ;__; Hehehehe, you hate Ryuu? Bwahaha! He is mean, you're right! XD

7: XD Okay, I haven't actually voted (this is MEEE!) but I'd just like to say how nice everyone is being! Wow, I thought you'd think she was all boring! Are you lying, hm? XD XD
Okay that was me again -_-;;; Gotta stop voting on my own poll!!!

8: Hi, emouse , peter here, like your manga, cool stuff^_^
Hey Peter!!! Thank you! keep up on David cuz I luv it ^_^v

9: I LOVE REI'S HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo Spalgo!!! Dat is you innit!!! Hee heeeee!!! (It needs cutting XD XD)

10: Wow, greeat. The second from last page is the best!! But its all cool. What a mean bastard that blokee is though... :( (spoonybard)
Heyya Plau! Thank yu fer reading it! Torture torture ... bleh ... hehe, yupp, he be mean! lol!

11: m hungry
Me too.

12: wow! i like this comic already! your drawings seem to improve with each page you do! ohh as for rei, i think she ough tand up for herself more (wouldve been cool if she threw the drink at that bastard after he stuck his cig butt in it LOL) but the character developments is ur departent! keep it up!! more! more! -seri
Hahaha! Maybe I will do a side-story one day where she gets her own back on him lol!!! I will try to keep it up lol!

13: I can't really tell much about -her- yet... she hasn't really -done- anything yet. But she's cute. I like her.
That's true ... grrr, I hate this slow opening I have going ...

14: Legs r 2 long...
I know ... I know ... -_- I'm trying to fix it ;__;

15: she's cool and pretty well drawn... maybe she could get a hair cut to save time
Hehehehee! yeah, I think I agree with you! *stares at piles of used black pens on the floor*

16: looks really nice.. but the legs are not in proportion to the rest of her body... but still 'kay tough, keep on going with the nice work!
Yupp, i'm trying to fix it -_- i'm just a bad artist ;____;

17: ^O^ awww, feel so sorry for rei....she's kinda a crybaby thou...
Hehehee I guess she is!! lol!! *hands tissue to Rei*

18: Wow, poor Rei. .. The story line is very good, from what I've seen. The art is nice, too. Hmm.. I wonder what the whole story is behind the school.. o.O
Yeah me too ... no nonono, only joking, I know what happens lol!

19: There's ... something weird about her. Not in a bad way ... but there's 'something,' y'know? ^^;
Yeah I know what you mean ... which is a good thing. Since I'm the guilty creator of this sordid mess _

20: No learve the hair I love it!
Hee heee! Okay! ^.^v

21: nice manga,whos the big bully?^^
He is ... Ryuuichi. He be mean lol! *smacks ryuu*

22: Quite creative. Hope that cigarette butt scene didn't come from experience ^_~ All in all, I like your style.
No, not from my experience, thank goodness lol!!! Aaargh, the badly drawn cig butt scene ... gives me nightmares ... -.-

23: why'd that guy do that to her
Good question. Errr ... umm ... cuz he's mean? O.o Bleeeehhh ... bad answer.

24: I hope this story starts to go somewhere.
So do I.

25: What happened to her father, and who was that boy?
Ryuu (the boy) will turn up again later. Ah, Rei's father ... um ... yeah ... ahhh ... *wanders off*

26: likey likey likey!!!!
*jumps* Yesssssss!!! *tears of joy*