Characters for G L I T C H

Rei Yoshikawa

Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Age: 17
Family: Mother (Haru)
Favourite colour: ?

Rei seems to be a very quiet young lady. Her start at a new school doesn't go particulary well; she doesn't make friends very easily ... and what the hell was that strange dream she had the night before?
Anyway, oddities aside, Rei is a pretty cool girl with a very open mind. She does extremely well academically, and uh ... just about anything else she turns her hand to! XD

Alexandra Sakurakouji

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brownish
Age: 17
Family: Mother (Caroline) & Father (Yoshitaka)
Favourite colour: Blue or red

Alex has an Japanese father and an English mother (hence the first name). Daddy is very rich, and is the owner of a large conglomerate in Japan (heh, how many of them are there? XD)
Alex resents her mother for being English and her father for being Japanese. Makes no sense? Maybe it'll become clearer ... *hopefully*
Alex doesn't really get on well with um, anyone, to be honest. It's not like she never tried to make freinds ... it just boys don't like her because they find her too rough, and girls don't like her as they find her too angry.

Hanako Oshii
Eyes: Orange-yellow
Hair: Blonde
Age: 17
Family: Father (Kenji) & half-brother (Kenji also)
Favourite colour: Purple or green

Hanako is a bitch.There, got that out of the way!
At least, that's what everyone says, and to an extent, it's true.
Hana is in with the In-Crowd, the exclusive group that not everybody is allowed to join. She looks down on people who are not in the 'Crowd' and behaves in a very fake manner to all of her 'friends.'
Hana appears snobby ... but there is another side to her, that is rarely seen.
She lives basically on her own, as her father is constantly away and her half-brother does not live with them any more.

Ryuuichi Tanaka

Eyes: Orangey
Hair: Red
Age: 17
Family: ?
Favourite colour: ?

Um ... yeah. ^^;;;;;;;;

Haru Yoshikawa (Dis is Rei's mam, BTW!)

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Age: Aaa, don't be rude! Naw, I think she's about 30 ... :p
Family: Daughter (Rei)
Favourite colour: Purple - light shade of

Mrs Yoshikawa has a bit of a volotile personality ... Haru has split from her husband recently, and is finding it hard to cope, so instead she puts all her time and effort into caring for her daughter. I do mean all. Rei and her mother now have a somewhat awkward relationship.