1: When do you update this place?
Uhhmm ... hehehe I aim for once a month or so, but it really varies. I tend to be quite bad about my updates ^^;;; You can put your eMail onto the mailing list if you would really like to know about updates ^^

2: What is with the name of this site? It's stupid, you know.
*cough* that's your opinions *cough* For a slightly more full explanation, go to the about section.

3: Will you put my art on your site?
I'm afraid I'm not a public gallery! Oops, that was a bit bitter ^^; but, no, I'm sorry to say ... there are LOADS of sites that post your art! Just gotta find them ;)

4: Do you accept art gifts, though?

Sure do!! I LOVE getting gifts of my characters and stuff! It makes me majorly happy!! :)))) Just mail em over! :D

5: Do you do requests?
Hmm ... I will have to say no because I just KNOW I wou'ldn't get round to doing it and then feel guilty over it -_-; Sorry :(

6: Do you do comissions?
How much will you pay me? >:D

7: Will you link to me?
Yeah, I do link exchange! As long as you link me back hehe ^_~

8: Can you help me with drawing?
*splutter* wha-at?? Um ... I can try to I guess! Uh ... but there's other better tutorials out there. I can try. Try.