Contact Me

Hello! You wanna get in touch? There are several ways, my friend ...

Firstly, there's the regular eMail: ... I try to answer all of my eMails!

Then, if you would like to chat avec moi, there's my ICQ number: #114719127 ... but please, if you are going to start chatting, a note saying that you know me from ADE would be much apprectiated! ^_^

I used to be on Napster as Mausu-chan but I had to uninstall it cuz my sound broke on my PC and there wasn't much point ... then, the day after I uninstalled it I fixed my sound _;

Then you can get hold of me on MSN Messenger: emouse_glitch ...

you can always reach me though my Forum! I love getting messages in my Forum ^^

Errr ... I'm friendly and like meeting new folks? Heh heh hehe, I'm not sure what else to write here!! LOL!